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Hefe Veiss Bier

A day on the mountain anywhere in the world isn’t complete without a traditional German wheat beer. As they say… “When in Rome do as the romans do.” So, when in the mountains you should have a Veiss. And if you’re not, why not have one and dream about being there!

Island Bend Pilzner

Inspired by travels through Europe and crafted with our local soft snowmelt water. Our Pilz has a spicy, earthy aroma of traditional Saaz hops followed by a bold malt flavour with a clean and dry finish. Perfect after a day of activities on the mountain… or anywhere for that matter!

Alpine Red X

A new world dark lager, our Red is a little bit of everything – just like the weather in the mountains. It’s a little bit malty from full flavoured specialty malts and a little bit IPA from multiple doses of mosaic hops. It’s a little bit stronger, but still clean and dry making it a big bit more-ish!

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It's a Way of Life

Jindabyne Brewing is founded on passion – passion for the best experience with great food and drinks. We are a local family owned business and our goal is to make you feel at home, as that is exactly where our story began.

So come in and enjoy the homely atmosphere and the Jindabyne way of life!

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