Our Beers

A unique range of delicious beers.

Pilsner ( PLZEN )

A refreshing full flavoured pilsner has a Rich golden colour with strong aroma of malt and traditional Czech Saaz hops, A traditional cold ferment gives a subtle buttery malt flavour to smooth out the assertive bitterness.

Red X Ale

Our take on an American pale ale, has a rich red colour with complex maltiness, toasted caramel, toffee and biscuit flavours, multiple additions of Mosaic hops shine in this beer giving off enticing fruit flavours and aromas.


Our veissbier is a traditional German wheat beer. True to the Hefeweizen style, this beer is unfiltered with a refreshing light amber colour. Find banana, clove and slightly sweet caramel malt aromas and flavours, it should be poured with a thick creamy head to help it reach its full potential.

Golden Ale

Fresh, nutty malt with hints of caramel give our golden ale a solid backbone to underpin the delicious hop combination. Predominant aroma and flavours of fresh passionfruit and pineapple, with complexity and depth.


Our seasonal is where we get experimental, making the most of progressive brewing techniques and innovative new ingredients from around the world. As per the name, we brew based on the season, or just what we feel like experimenting with!

About Us

Jindabyne Brewing

Introducing Jindabyne Brewing in the Snowy Mountains Australia.
There was movement everywhere, for the word had passed around

That the beer from Jindy brewing was now here
And the lovers of the hops & malt were flocking to the town
For the sound of glasses clinking full of beer
Enjoy a pilsner, a lager, or even a pale ale
All brewed from the fresh local water
After hiking, biking, skiing, fishing or a sail
The quality of the brew will never falter
The mountains, the lake, its all here you know…
And the beauty of beer in its natural surrounds
Its as refreshing and as pure as the wind driven snow
No doubt you will absolutely love what you have found!!


Our brewery is located at Nettin Circuit in Jindabyne, overlooking the lake. We're open Wednesday to Sunday 3-9pm. We have a hearty Tapas menu, it rotates seasonally but there are always, share plates and skewers.
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Get in touch

Our booking policy is all or none, if you would like to host a private function at the Brewery please contact us using the form below or at info@jindabynebrewing.com.au . If you have a smaller group medium sized group that doesn’t warrant booking out the whole venue we can arrange certain platters for you.